My Baby's Green

Beddings and Friendly Baby Products


My Baby’s Green, LLC was started by Rich & Tina with the intent of providing products that are both environmental and baby friendly. We researched many vendors and manufacturers looking for companies that shared our goal of providing these types of products and services while doing their part to help our planet. We set out with the intent to do this for our baby, your baby, and all of the generations of babies to come.

Just like you, we are parents trying to make better choices for our children, and for the world in which we live. As being “green” grows in popularity the amount of information, products, services, and opportunities can be overwhelming. We always have to sort through the fads and hype and try to see what choices we can make that will truly benefit the future generations. We believe that very small contribution made by many can result in a very large difference in our future.

Maybe all of the things that we do today may not turn out to be earth changing, but if we all take it upon ourselves to at least try to make those little changes, and teach our children about why we try, then maybe, just maybe, we can pass this world along just a little better than it was passed along to us.

About Tina-I am a WAHM/Mompreneur who owns and operates MBG. My family was not always eco-friendly or even organic. It wasn’t until some major life changes that occurred in my life that had me going organic as much as I could and being eco-friendly just naturally followed. The more I read, the more I learned about the toxic chemicals to which we unknowingly expose our children. I support my local farmers and when it is time to purchase something new I try my best to either choose eco-friendly products, support local vendors, other small companies, or consignment shops and wherever possible I buy organic. I don’t buy bottled water anymore-instead I use BPA free or stainless steel bottles, if I don’t make my cleaning supplies then I only purchase organic or toxic free, and for any type of shopping I take reusable bags that I now offer at MBG. I am definitely ALL about recycling too. When there isn’t a recycle bin/drop off close to wherever I am, I have been known to take the items home with me so they can be recycled. While traveling I donate the magazines that I have read during the trip either at rest stops or offer them to people that I meet on the way. As you can imagine, that can get me some looks!

No one expects you to go all out. I started small, one step at a time. You know- one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Next I started to purchase organic fruit because I ate a ton of it and that was highest in pesticides. I found a reusable lunch bag kit, along with reusable sandwich and snack bags to use instead of using plastic sandwich bags and a BPA free stainless steel water bottle. I felt like I really was doing something to improve my health and the Earth. I knew my efforts wouldn’t save the world but I didn’t let that discourage me. Too many people feel “What can I do? I am only one person. No one else I know is” That may be true but if you made changes and suggested to your friends and family to make changes…. Wow. You would have such a great feeling of accomplishment! I know I did. I didn’t convince all of them but hey, it was better than none. I definitely didn’t give up either.

What I hear the most is that choosing to go organic or green is too costly but is it really? To some it can be more expensive than they are used to but in the long run everyone, especially themselves benefit. Less health problems from pesticides for one, and the Earth benefits as well. We seem to not have a problem buying name brand items which can be very expensive, but when it comes to our bodies, homes and families, things we aren’t accustomed to, it just doesn’t seem feasible or worth it. Why is that? Aren’t our children worth it? Aren’t we? Isn’t Earth?

While this isn’t a perfect world, and some products we offer are not made with all-natural materials, we promise to only offer the best product options available to us.

MBG’S Environment-MBG strives to be GREEN and will continue to grow as much as we can. We are proud to say that we belong to the Green Business Bureau’s platinum club (seal’s located on the home page) because of the efforts we have made to do so.

As mentioned under the shipping policies, we use recycled boxes and packaging materials whenever we can so don’t be surprised! Most of the time I am able to ship your purchases in boxes and packaging materials that are from my manufacturers, neighbors and other locals. If I can’t I will only purchase boxes and wrap that come from recycled materials.

All invoices are printed on 100% recycled paper. Thank you notes are written on paper that others were going to throw away so again, don’t be surprised if you find an old grocery list on the back side of the note.

My business cards and flyers/rack cards are printed at an Eco-friendly company that uses soy inks and of course recycled card stock.